July 8, 6 Frames of Velvia 50 with My Reality So Subtle 6x6f:

Man, I do love this combo. Velvia is such an amazing film, normally I do a little touch up in Lightroom, but these straight off The Darkroom’s scanner. Velvia with the wide angle Reality So Subtle pinhole is quite a synergistic combination imho. I could really shoot it every day if I had the patience to wait that long for all my shots.

These are some shots from around the house and a bike ride to Idlewild park, I can’t wait to get the actual transparencies in my hand, just to look at and admire them, there’s something about Velvia that seems like magic to me. I hope it doesn’t disappear the same way so many films have.

Edit: I may have spoken too soon. Not only is Velvia out of stock everywhere that I (admittedly, very quickly) checked, but it would be pretty exorbitant even if it were available. Maybe I’ll save up for some Ektachrome?

Sweet Peas and Silver Maple
Our Front Door
House on Blocks
425 Again
The California Building
Purple Tree

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