July 1, An Interior 360° (or almost) Stroll Camera Pseudo Panorama

It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve shot my wonderful little Lumenbox stroll cameras, I thought I’d try a full 360° pseudo panorama. This was a 10 hour exposure on Arista Ultra Edu grade 3 paper.

Unfortunately for you the reader, I have to utilize this space to rant about the Arista semi-matte paper that I’m using. I fucking hate it! Both surfaces feel the same to me and in dim light both surfaces look the same. I often don’t figure out that I’ve loaded it incorrectly until after the exposure is finished. If only it were notched or something. Of course that wouldn’t help me with the tiny cut down 1″ squares that I use in my stroll cameras. Oh well, end of mini rant.

10 hour pseudo panorama

2 responses to “July 1, An Interior 360° (or almost) Stroll Camera Pseudo Panorama”

  1. In my dark room days, when not being able to see the right side of paper we put our teeth on it (yes. really), the side that was the most slippery was the emulsion side. Try not to lick it too much 😉


  2. Thanks Erwin! I think I’ll give that a try, as you can probably tell, I’m pretty frustrated with that paper.


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