June 30, Induced Motion Blur and Some Lower Contrast Fantome 8 Photos:

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I’m usually loathe to focus my little rangefinder Canon and instead rely on setting it at the hyperfocal distance for a given aperture, which allows pretty much everything to be in focus, at least at smaller apertures and with the wide angle lenses I normally prefer. I realize this is somewhat lazy though, and plan to start using my 50mm f/1.8 lens where focusing is de rigeur, or at least makes more sense.

But back to the situation at hand; given my current reliance on hyper focal distance focusing, what is one to do when using a very low ISO film like Fantome Kino 8, where I have no choice, given my current methods, other than to use slow shutter speeds to capture my images? This is fine on days when I’m pretty steady, but there are days when a little thrum courses through my body, resulting in a slight shakiness.

Rather than fight the force, I thought I might just go with the flow and purposefully move a little while taking some shots to create a little bit of induced motion blur. I only tried this technique on three shots and I thought two of them were perfectly (or almost) acceptable. I suspect other photographers have been employing this technique with great success for many years or even eons, but for me it’s a fairly big leap, one that I hope to continue experimenting with.

The rest of these photos are just lower contrast, but not low contrast shots from yesterdays roll of Fantome 8.

Blur Tree
For Sale Blur
For Sale Sans Blur
Shaun’s Wall Redux
Set Back
Alley Sofa

2 responses to “June 30, Induced Motion Blur and Some Lower Contrast Fantome 8 Photos:”

  1. Somehow this days black and white rendering/tonality is very pleasing (not Shauns’).


    1. Thanks Erwin, I think it may be the combo of the Kino 8 and the Cinestill developer I was using. I agree on the Shaun’s wall photo, it just wasn’t as good an exposure as the others. I probably should have left it out.


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