June 29, Some Higher Contrast Shots with Lomography Fantome Kino 8

I did enjoy the first roll of Kino 8 that I shot with my old Canon 28mm screw mount lens on my Canon IVSb2, but I wondered how it might work with a more modern lens? The Canon (unsurprisingly) gave the Kino somewhat of a soft retro look, which I thought was quite nice in its way, still I wondered what a sharper, higher contrast lens might do, so this roll was shot with the Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm, about as sharp a lens as I have.

I have to say that I’m really liking this film! If only it was just a tad faster, I could even learn to live with its insane curliness. I find that I’ve become pretty averse to focusing with my rangefinder camera, which means I have to use fairly small apertures if I want to successfully scale focus, which of course results in pretty low shutter speeds with low ISO films. Add to the mix, that sometimes I’m pretty bad at being steady with low shutter speeds. Do you see the problem here? More on this tomorrow.

I had intended to process this roll in Caffenol, but I’m almost out of sodium carbonate, so Caffenol is on hold for a bit. This was developed in my old standby, Cinestill monobath. I do have some Pyrocat HD which I’ve been wanting to use, but I’m afraid to use it because of the cats. I think I’ll take my rig outside soon and try the Pyrocat, away from the cats.

Below are the results of the higher contrast shots from this roll, I also have a few lower contrast shots from the same roll that I’ll post tomorrow or the next day.

The California Building at Idlewild Park
Up On the Blocks
Trash Bins
Retaining Wall
No Parking
Silver Maples

2 responses to “June 29, Some Higher Contrast Shots with Lomography Fantome Kino 8”

  1. Great contrast and great story. I saw yesterday that FPP had Washi S back in stock so I bought 2 rolls. It is my favorite high contrast film.
    I love my Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar too. I usually keep it on my Leica Standard which doesn’t have a rangefinder. I take the easy way out usually and shoot HP5 developed in HC-100 so I can just shoot everything outside at f/16 and not worry about focus.

    Will Pyrocat HDwork if you don’t have any cats?


    1. Hi nwellons! Nice to meet a another WashI S and Voigtlander fan, and thanks for the tip! I hope to score a few rolls from them. I hope the supply is not super limited.
      Nice rig you have there. I was wanting a Standard, but settled on a Ic because of the price difference and double cold shoes.
      I hate to say, it but I have my doubts that Pyrocat will work if you don’t actually have cats. Maybe you could borrow some?


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