June 28, Slowly, Gradually, Incrementally Getting My Medium Format Process Together;

I’m still working on getting my medium format process to a place where it’s pretty consistently reliable and not painful, so I’m still experimenting with films, scanning techniques, developing and post.

Looking around at 120 films, Lomography’s Potsdam Kino 100 looked promising, this is the first roll of it I’ve shot and I’m impressed so far, it has good contrast and a nice exposure latitude. It developed nicely in Cinestill monobath. I really think this film has a lot going for it as far as what I’m looking for.

This was only my second time shooting the Chroma Six:9 and Mamiya Sekor 50mm f/6.3 lens combo, this time I took it around on my bicycle and it performed admirably. I was even able to (mostly) read the frame numbers without a little flashlight, although I did manage to skip one frame by winding too fast in too bright of light. Because the Six:9 has a sort of ratcheting mechanism to the winding, I wasn’t able to easily wind back to the frame I’d passed, and I didn’t want to break the camera, so I got only five shots out of this roll.

I should also mention that my new Dotline developing tank has been great so far. It seems somewhat flimsy but it hasn’t leaked yet, even with some fairly vigorous inversions. The Dotline reels are interchangeable with Paterson reels and are ratcheting like the Patersons, but they have the addition of a little lip/entry ramp for the film, so that loading is even easier than with the Paterson reels.

The one thing that went quite wrong, as you’ll notice, my squeegee really damaged a few frames. I don’t know if Potsdam 100 has a particularly soft emulsion or not, but I’m going back to finger squeegeeing in the future, even though I think this particular damage is somewhat interesting.

I think I’m going to try some Lomochrome Purple or Rollei Infrared 400 in the Chroma next. I’m liking the Chroma a lot thus far, it really makes shooting medium format as easy as 35mm, at least for me.

Big Hose
Squeegee Damage 2
Squeegee Damage

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