June 26, A Few Frames of Eastman Kodak Polypan F

I’m quite impressed with this film! After setting my expectations too high with both Fantome Kino 8 and Eastman 2374 I was a little reluctant to get my hopes up with this film, but the results seem more than promising.

I bought a couple of rolls of Polypan off Etsy, where the seller claimed it was a high contrast film with a nice glow (no, or minimal anti-halation layer), blah, blah, blah. He also claimed it was quite forgiving with a wide exposure latitude and easy to process. Turns out it’s all true!

I’m really liking this film and will almost certainly buy more, I don’t want to get too attached to it however, because it hasn’t been in production for quite some time. The couple rolls I bought date from about 2014, but seem absolutely fine. I may even consider buying a bulk roll and re-rolling it into 35mm canisters which seems less than fun, but might be worth the effort. I guess I better start saving canisters!

Everything here was shot with my Canon IVSb2 and Canon 28mm f/2.8 lens and developed in Cinestill monobath. For the second roll, I’ll try a sharper, contrastier (?) lens and attempt to develop it in Caffenol. I’m looking forward to that test!

A VA parking garage again, this is almost straight into the sun and the sky is darkish with no filter, a big plus for me.
White objects can really glow with this film, I actually brought the glow down in this shot.
VA storage units.
No Trespassing!

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