June 25, Just testing again, this time with FPP Eastman 2374 sound recording film:

When I read about The Film Photography Project’s re-rolled Eastman Kodak 2374 I got pretty excited about it. On the surface it seemed like it might be a lot like my (no longer available) favorite, Film Washi S. It’s actually a sound recording cine film like Washi S, its rated ISO is 50 like Washi S and is a high contrast film. One ‘feature” that I was a bit ambivalent about is the white text in the middle of every few frames. I thought if I loved the film enough, I might be able to ignore the text across the frames. The jury is still out on that.

Another feature that drew me in was the lack of a halation layer, meaning that I might get a really nice glow to some of the shots. I definitely liked the look of the example shots on the FPP site, so I was anxiously waiting this films arrival.

Unfortunately, I think the ISO rating is extremely optimistic on the part of FPP. I shot it at 50, I metered very carefully and even used a spot meter to double check my exposures. Almost everything in this roll came out very thin. The only shots that were close to a correct exposure were the few were I opened up a step or two. I didn’t really get much glow at all, but I still hold out hope that I might if I expose the film correctly.

In this films favor, all but the thinnest underexposures still had good detail, still, I think I’ll shoot the next roll at 20 or even 12 to get a little more (or at least some) density in my negatives. For all my whining the photos are not that bad and I still have two more rolls to experiment with.

These were all shot with a Voigtlander 15mm on my Canon IVSb2 and developed in Cinestill monobath (that I need to remember to filter more often).

Ghost Trailer
Abandoned Trailers
Row, note the free bonus text across the left of the frame.
425, this is actually the mood that I was going for in this shot, I got lucky this time.
Bullitt flare, the bullitt is my truck.

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