June 24, A Comedy of Errors with Rollei Infrared 400 and My Leica Ic.

These are kind of hard to explain. I had one roll of Rollei Infrared 400 left and decided to experiment with it. I thought I’d try pushing it a couple stops to bring out the grain. It didn’t work out so well, I did succeed in increasing the grain, but the film came out terribly overdeveloped.

Also, as if on cue, my little Leica Ic decided to quit advancing the film correctly and gave me only multiply exposed third frames. The results are below.

Tomorrow I’ll be packing up the Leica and sending it to Youxin Ye, who did an amazing job on my old Canon IVSb2. Good thing I have a backup camera…

These were all shot with a Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar lens and 720nm infrared filter and over developed in Cinestill monobath.

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