June 24, A Lumenbox and a Cámara Galletita Lumen Print.

The Lumenbox was a 9 hour interior, looking out the window shot. I think it was a bit too long of an exposure for such a bright day. When I see black on the photo paper (white of course when I reverse it), that indicates to me that I could have gotten better colors with a shorter exposure time. Live and learn.

The Cámara Galletita Lumen print is actually with the pseudo-slit “lens” I made earlier. I’ve had a devil of a time getting decent exposures (well, decent for this sort of thing) with it.

Both exposures were on the usual Arista Ultra Edu grade 3 b&w photo paper.

Red hot pokers outside the living room window.
Summer sweet peas with the pseudo-slit “lens”.

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