June 20, Just Testing… Some Fantome Kino 8

With my favorite film, Film Washi S out of production I’m on the search for a new go to film. I’m looking for something high contrast with a decent exposure latitude, it can be pretty slow, Washi S is only rated at ISO 50, grainy or not grainy, I like both.

I thought I’d give Lomography’s Fantome Kino 8 a try, I didn’t really think it could become my everyday film, with an ISO rating of 8, it’s a little too slow for that. I think it will be really good with my always wide open f/2.8 home fabricated screw mount Lumenbox lens, but I thought I’d give it a shot with a more conventional lens.

One of my faster lenses is my old Canon 28mm f/2.8 LTM. It’s a nice little lens, not quite wide enough for me on most days, but a great little lens nonetheless. I also enjoy the fact that it’s super compact. Since I only have one Barnack type camera that has a rangefinder, my Canon IVSb2, I thought I should go with that, so I can actually focus. I normally just zone focus with my wider lenses.

I like this film, it is contrasty, it has a nice retro look to it (or maybe that’s the lens I was using). It also has a nice and forgiving exposure latitude. I bracketed most shots and virtually every shot was usable. My biggest gripe is that this film is insanely, ridiculously curly. Strike that it’s hellishly curly. Did I mention that it’s curly? I’ve gotten fairly proficient at loading almost any film into the holders of my Plustek scanner, if I wasn’t relatively decent at it, I wouldn’t have been able to load this film for scanning at all. It’s curly! So much so that I’m a little reluctant to shoot the other two rolls of it that I bought.

The shots are nothing to write home about artistically, but they look pretty good I think? This roll was developed in Cinestill Df96 monobath, which has become my old standby developer for unfamiliar films.

Kramer’s Midtown Hotel on Virginia Street
Bus Stop on Virginia Street
1470 Virginia Street
Tree Sculpture
VA steps
Texture Garage with Range

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