June 2, And a Few More Damaged Frames of Agfa Copex Rapid.

Just more from the other day. I mostly don’t think these were quite as interesting (if indeed the first batch was interesting?) as the first batch. Nonetheless, here we go.

I don’t usually prefer shots as busy as this one is, yet something about it keeps calling to me. I’m not sure what? I’m not sure this frame escaped damage, it just may not be discernible with all the textures present.
A railing at the VA building.
I like the texture on this house. There are a couple other houses with a similar texture within a couple miles of this house. I assume they were built by the same person? This neighborhood was built long before tract homes existed here.
Just a shed in the alley.
A very rectangular little brick house.
A row of windows on a nearby building.
This shot of a tree at the VA didn’t come out so well composition wise, but I thought the damage to the film was interesting.

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