May 29, Just Testing, Some Shots on Locust Street

I haven’t shot my recently acquired Asahi Pentax SV much recently and there were a couple of older houses down Locust Street that I wanted to photograph. I also wanted to give developing Film Washi S in Caffenol a try.

Image stolen from Chemical Cameras, this is exactly like my SV, same version and with the same lens.

Recently I’ve had terrible luck developing films in caffenol, but I realized that all the failures were in Delta Caffenol and mostly with Ilford films. I was down to my last roll of Washi S, but I was really curious as to how it would react to being developed in caffenol. I decided on Caffenol C-H, which isn’t nearly as strong as Delta and seems to work well with a pretty wide variety of films. I don’t think I’ve ever had a total failure with it, while the only film I’ve consistent success using Delta with is Fomapan 400.

So here’s the results of my recent walk with the Pentax SV. It’s an earlier model maybe 1962 or 63? You can tell because the markings on the rewind knob are green, later SVs had orange markings and would accommodate the really cool 50mm/f1.4 Super Takumar, mine won’t.

VA entrance
VA tents. I got yelled at by a VA official for taking these shots.
VA tents again
House on Locust Street
1560 Locust Street
Beware of Dog
Moderne in the Alley
Alley House
And another view of the alley house.

One response to “May 29, Just Testing, Some Shots on Locust Street”

  1. […] at the VA building. I like the texture on this house. There are a couple other houses with a similar texture within a couple miles of this house. I assume they were built by the same person? This neighborhood […]


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