May 23, Odds & Ends:

I have to go to Salt Lake City for a job soon. I thought I’d bring some fast film with me that I could shoot indoors or outdoors in the gloaming. Downtown SLC has particularly pretty evenings in the Summer. I bought a few rolls of T-Max P3200 because it’s amenable to being shot at a pretty wide range of speeds and I like the grain of it in photographs that I’ve seen.

So the first batch below are some test shots of T-Max shot at 3200 and developed in Cinestill monobath. Both batches were shot with the Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm on my Canon IVSb2.

The second batch are some leftovers from the recent roll of Rollei Infrared 400 that I shot. I wanted to see how the Rollei film would act without an IR filter, so in some of these shots I substituted an orange filter. I was hoping to get just a hint of the IR effect, but I’m not sure I did. Maybe a red filter would better accomplish that?

The T-Max 3200 Shots:

A fauxdobe (adobe style stucco) house in Midtown.
Boarded up house in a Midtown alley.
The West wall of the boarded up house.
The dining room looking out into the living room.

The Infraredish Shots:

Yellow brick house (with IR filter)
Prickly Pear Cactus (with orange filter)
Southern view of the old post office (IR filter)
Western view of the old post office (IR filter)
Utopian Alley (IR)

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