May 21, 9 Frames of Color Zone Plate Pics

I really think that nine frames is little much for one post on this blog, but I’m getting a little bit backed up with too many photos and I better post these before the next shiny object attracts my interest.

These were all shot with my Skink pancake zone plate, f/46 on my Canon IVSb2 Barnack clone. This was my first time (I think…) using Kodak Portra 800, it was developed by the Darkroom in San Clemente.

Most of these shots are of subjects that will be familiar to readers of this blog, but maybe a few won’t. I believe that the last time I shot color with the zone plate I used Lomography Color Negative 800. I recall the colors being pretty darn muted with that film. Colors with the Portra 800 pop just a little more, just right to my eyes.

A child’s chair from my neighbor Shaun’s yard.
Delight Mart on 4th Street
Gas tanks on Sutro
Gas pumps on Sutro
Shaun’s Oil Tank
Shaun’s Yard
Yellow House!
Orange House!
I love this weather station at a nearby elementary school!

2 responses to “May 21, 9 Frames of Color Zone Plate Pics”

  1. I would of thought the Lomo film would of popped just as well since they are known for their colors. These really popped nicely!


    1. For me the Lomo was a little bit too subdued, at least with the zone plate. It might be different with a real lens.
      I’m more impressed than I thought I would be with the Portra!


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