May 14, A Few More with Washi S, the Voigtlander 15mm and the Reveni Labs Spot Meter.

One of my main purposes in shooting this roll was to compare the readings from my new Reveni Labs spot meter to my regular tiny shoe mount Reveni meter, so there weren’t that many different shots from that roll, but several different exposures of most shots.

The good news is that the result between the two meters were quite consistent, and different where they should be taking into account new user error. The Reveni Labs meter is a bit unusual and takes some getting used to. To be honest, a spot meter is not something that I’m likely to use all the time, but when needed, it’s really nice to have one. The Reveni is small enough to easily fit in a pocket or hang lightly from it’s lanyard, so I’ll probably carry it around most of the time.

The Reveni Labs Spot Meter is Small.
Cloud Eruption. I have to say again that I love the dark skies and cloud contrast from Washi S.
Taylor and Kirman
South Side
Parking Elevator 2
Detached Twins

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