May 13, A Return to Posting? Recovering from Surgery with Photographic Comfort Food

I’m hesitant to proclaim that I can begin regular posting again, but yesterday’s photo walk didn’t seem to have a lot of negative repercussions, so it’s time to give a shot.

Maybe I should rename the blog, The Occasional Lumenbox? As, it seems, that for a while at least, posts will be on an intermittent basis.

My main concern it that these photos don’t really fit with the lo-fi/alternative process theme of this blog. These are taken with one of my very favorite combinations Film Washi S and my Voigtlander 15mm Super Wide lens on my old Canon IVSb2 Barnack clone.

Film Washi S is repurposed sound recording film, it’s quite high contrast and doesn’t have a great deal of exposure latitude (it really doesn’t like to be underexposed, at least in my hands), but sometimes it has a magical crispness to it that I’ve never seen in any other film. The negatives are absolutely beautiful to look at! It’s not a one trick pony though, despite it’s high contrast nature it, it can capture quite a range of subtle grays and textures. Another plus for me, is that it doesn’t seem to be very blue sensitive, so that unless you aim it directly into the sun, skies often come out quite dark without a filter, a property of this film that I really enjoy. Can you tell that I love this film? With a box speed of ISO 50, I can’t claim that this is an everyday general purpose film, but when it works, it works!

What to say about the Voigtlander Super-Wide 15mm screw mount lens? It’s what really drew me back into photography after dabbling in it many years ago as a teenager and in college. There is something about the sense of drama and grandeur that it brings to even the most mundane of shots that I find irresistible. It’s also incredibly sharp and forgiving of focus. It’s not rangefinder coupled, so I just set the appropriate hyper-focal distance for the aperture I’m using and use it as almost a point and shoot lens. The Voigtlander (actually manufactured by Cosina) is also very compact. The only real draw back for me, is that it doesn’t easily accommodate filters, but I can live with that.

These were all shot with one of my favorite cameras ever, my old Canon IVSb2. What a work of art! I’ve never used a Leica and may never have the opportunity to, but I imagine shooting with a Leica is not too dissimilar to using my Canon. It’s a beautifully crafted little camera that just exudes quality and precision, and then there’s that satisfying little “snick” when the shutter fires. Shooting the Canon is pure joy for me and shooting this combo, was essentially a therapeutic move that worked well. It cheered me up, and the photos are perfectly passable, at least for my lowish standards. These were all developed in Cinestill Df96 monolith, a developer that I’ve had consistently good results with on Washi films.

VA Ramp, I think this captured quite a nice range to tonalities for such a high contrast film as Washi S.
I love how the Voigtlander 15mm gives a sense of grandeur to even the most mundane shot.
I also love how the limited blue sensitivity of Washi S often gives very dark skies and nice cloud contrast without a filter.
Just a VA parking building, but I’ve become a bit fascinated with them.
VA Cooling Unit
And another VA cooling unit.

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