May 7, Some Pinhole Shots Around the VA; much whining to be read here

I hate to whine so much, but I just can’t catch a break with pinhole cameras lately. I’ve had a devil of a time getting a decent exposure with any film/camera combination.

This time was probably all my fault, I know that Washi S doesn’t love low light situations (at least not in my hands), but I insisted on using it with the Skink pinhole (f/110) on a cloudy day. To add to the misery, all of a sudden the Df96 deposited sediment all over the film and despite using Foto-Flo, I got terrible water spotting. Usually this wouldn’t bother me, but in combination with the bad exposures, there were only a few shots from this roll that I could live with.

I am taking steps to rectify all the problems; I’ll filter the Df96 before use. I’m going to get a film squeegee (despite the equal amount of positive and negative reviews they seem to receive). And I guess I’ll bracket my pinhole shots (ugh). I’ll even read the directions on the Foto-Flo bottle and attempt to follow them. Hopefully these steps will help alleviate some of my current batch of photographic problems.

So here are the few shots from the most recent roll that seemed worth scanning.

Storm Pole
Banner in the Breeze


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