May 4, And a Few More from Around the House

A few more photos from yesterday’s roll of pinhole shots on Pan F+. I hate to say it, but until I’m less incapacitated, this may be as good as I can come up with.

Wash Tubs

I feel like the king of incredibly mundane subjects. Actually I’ve been wanting to photograph these galvanized wash tubs hanging on the back fence for a while now. This shot doesn’t do it for me though. I plan to use one of the tubs as a hydrophonic sound recording chamber in the near future.

Shaun’s Back Yard

I like this one a bit because of the way the clouds and branches blurred in the wind and over the several seconds of the exposure.

Small Bathroom Light Leak

Pretty sure that’s a light leak, as it appeared to a lesser degree in a few other shots from this roll. Not sure how it got it. Seems like it must have been when unloading, but I unloaded in a light tent for the most part. I dunno.

Trumpet Vines

These are dead Trumpet Vines coming over the back fence from my neighbor Chuck’s yard. The trumpet vines are not only beautiful when they bloom, they attract lots of bees, which is a very good thing these days. I thought this might make a good shot. I still think it might have if I had gotten a lot closer to the vines and dead blooms.

Back Yard Fence Again

What can I say? Another shot of our rickety back yard fence. I have high hopes of fixing it this summer.

Stove Top Again

This time I was trying to get a shot of the kettle steaming. Maybe next time?

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