May 3, Whew!

I didn’t think I was going to be able to post at all today. Not only has the recovery from surgery been a bit more precarious than expected, I also haven’t been able to focus well enough to get a decent shot of anything.

I had hoped to at least be able to walk around the block and get a few pics, instead this is from a roll shot inside the house and yard.

This photo was taken with my Reality So Subtle 6x6F on Ilford Pan F+. It was developed in ∆ Caffenol.

I’m about to give up developing 120 black and white film. I keep having a terrible time get a properly developed and exposed negative with 120, seemingly regardless what film or developer I use. I’ll use up what I have in the fridge and then probably switch to color with my 120 format cameras, which I’ll send off to be developed.

The subject of this shot is once again, my neighbor Shauns’ house. I couldn’t resist. The wall in the foreground is a hay bale wall that surrounds the front of Shaun’s house.

Shaun’s Wall

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