May 1, Happy May Day! A Photo from My Pseudo Galletita

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed that the pseudo photon sieve for the cámara galletita didn’t work out so well. Shortly after my unimpressive results with the pseudo photon sieve I was perusing some old photos of what was probably the first cámara galletita and noticed that several of the holes in the cracker were taped up, giving a series of discreet and recognizable images.

I thought in one last test of the photon sieve I would tape up several of the pinholes and see what the result might be. To my surprise the results came out pretty interesting (at least to me). Not really discrete self contained images but interesting nonetheless. It’s quite difficult to discern, but there is a transparent plastic jar on the right that was just a few inches from the camera. Next time I’ll try something more solid in the close foreground.

I hadn’t had very good results with the colors on the previous iterations of this “lens” but I’m quite happy with the colors in this one.

As usual, it was an eight hour exposure (this time on a partly cloudy day) on Arista Ultra EDU grade 3 black and white photo paper.

Pseudo Galletita with Jar

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