And a Few More Frames of Downtown Reno

with my 27mm Lumenbox lens, Canon IVSb2 and Film Washi A.

The Truckee River West

I think this one was taken from the Lake Street bridge over the Truckee.

The Virginian

Agh, my history of downtown Reno is absolute shit. This was a major hotel/casino in Reno for a long time, it wasn’t the Virginian at that time, but I can’t seem to recall the name. Harvey’s maybe?

Old Courthouse

The Old Reno Courthouse steps.

Santa Fe Hotel

The Santa Fe Hotel on Lake Street. I think this houses a great Basque restaurant, of which there are still several in Reno.

Old Post Office

A full shot of the beautiful old Deco post office building.

The Biggest Little City Again

This time looking south down Virginia Street.

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