April 29, Seven Frames of Downtown Reno Fever Dream

I’m having surgery this morning so yesterday I thought I’d better go for a walk while I still can. I thought it might be interesting to shoot a roll downtown with some Washi A and the 27mm Lumenbox lens which seems like a synergistic combo for the kind of thing I’m going for. I mostly walked around the downtown area near the Truckee river. These were all shot with the aforementioned 27mm Lumenbox lens on my Cannon IVSb2 rangefinder with Film Washi A, ISO 12 leader film, developed in Cinestill Df96 monolith for 12 minutes at 70°.

Old Post Office Detail

The old post office in downtown Reno is a beautiful building, it’s an old Art Deco building from the 30s. Now it’s a retail space, I’m just thrilled they didn’t tear it down. I haven’t been in it since they sold and converted it, but the inside used to be spectacular. I think that’s worth investigating with a roll of film faster than the ISO 12 Washi A.

Pioneer Auditorium

Not far from the post office is the old Pioneer Auditorium, another wonderful old building that I’m glad it hasn’t been torn down. This building is still in use as a music and performance venue. It has great acoustics.

The Biggest Little City in the World

This is the new Reno arch on Virginia street downtown, it’s nice but I don’t think it has the character of the old arch.

Truckee River Bridge

The bridge that spans the Truckee has also been replaced, I think this new one is quite interesting visually.

Train Tunnel

One of Reno’s claims to fame is as transportation hub. The train tracks used to run right through downtown. They spent considerable time and I expect, money digging a tunnel through which the trains travel now.


Just a sign for Pizza place that I saw on my walk.

Old Arch

This is the old Reno arch. It’s no longer on Virginia Street (the main thoroughfare of downtown) but has been moved to the less trafficked Lake Street just east.

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