April 28, A Pseudo Photon Sieve

After pretty much failing with the graham cracker on the cámara galletita, I thought I might try something like a photon sieve, so I stretched a piece of aluminum foil on a cardboard lens plate for the camera and punched some pinholes in a pattern reminiscent of a photon sieve.

Here’s a view of the pseudo photon sieve looking from the inside.

I gave it the usual eight hour exposure on Arista Ultra EDU paper, and here’s the result.

Pseudo Photon Sieve

At first I thought there was no image there, but there is something. You can see the fence running along the bottom and you can almost make out the pine tree on the left.

I think this was an over exposure. I’m going to try a couple shorter exposures with this pseudo photon sieve. I’ll also try to chose a better subject, something more clearly defined than a tree and a fence.

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