April 25, The Blur Factor

Recently I’ve been fascinated by blurry photographs. A couple of my lenses and cameras take intrinsically blurry photographs, but I thought it might be nice to be able to control the degree of blur in my photographs. Since all my cameras were either viewfinder less or rangefinders, none were conducive to easily controlling the blur factor. With my rangefinders it’s easy to discern when a shot is in focus, but less easy to be able to tell just how out of focus an image is.

This seemed like a clear and present opportunity to acquire a much needed SLR. Since I have a strong preference for fully manual cameras, and a love for old cameras, I started my hunt for an SLR.

I had read a couple articles touting the virtues of the Pentax SV, where some authors claimed it to be the highest quality Pentax ever, the pinnacle of Pentaxness. I definitely liked the looks of it and since I couldn’t find any criticisms of it at all that were relevant to my interests, I started looking for one on Ebay and elsewhere.

I soon stumbled on one in seemingly good condition and with a nice 35mm lens for the princely sum of $48.00, not only that it was previously owned by the well known photographer Ross Hamilton. It seemed too good to pass by.

The seller shipped the camera very quickly and it turned out to be in really great condition (with the exception of the frame counter not working). The lens was in perfect shape. I was thrilled to get a 35mm lens with the camera; try as I might, I just don’t bond with 50mm lenses generally.

I soon realized that I couldn’t get the lens on this camera to go as out of focus as I wanted, so I thought I might try adding a close up lens. I bought an inexpensive set of close up lenses and it turned out that the +2 close up lens was just what I was looking for.

I thought the high contrast and glow of Film Washi A might complement my blurry shots. The results are shown below.

I was a bit restrained generally, in my out of focusness this time. I think I’ll go for it more on the next round, as my favorite from this batch is the one that’s most out of focus.

Blur Apartments
Blur Table
Blur Chair
Blur Trees
Blur Tower
Blur Gate
Blur Sinclair

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