April 22, Another shot from my Cámara Galletita

I think the colors came out more interesting in this one, but overall this bears a lot of similarities to the first shot. I have a feeling that because of the “lens”, the Wasa sourdough cracker, all shots with this particular iteration of the camera may come out pretty similar. This one was an eight hour exposure on a mostly sunny day as opposed to the first shot which was eight hours on a mostly cloudy day. I do like how the tracks of the sun are brighter and look more like sunlight in this photo.

In this shot, there wasn’t much in the foreground, I hope to try a shot with a strong foreground element soon, of course this will translate in to many overlapping foreground elements because of the numerous holes in the cracker.

I may build a pseudo cámara galletita with a more controlled array of pinholes. I think there are still possibilities here to be investigated.

Cámara Galletita Lumen facing South East

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