April 21, A Curved Array

Of Lumenbox Stroll cameras. This one was a little tricky as I stuck the tiny Stroll cameras to a soup can. The magnets on the cameras aren’t all that strong and there wasn’t much of a contact patch between the magnets and the can, so the attachment was more than a bit precarious. Given that and the fact that it was getting stormy and windy outside, there was a fair chance this wouldn’t work. Nonetheless it did!

Unfortunately for readers of this blog, this photo features another view of my dwarfed by climate “giant” blue agave. This is taken from our front garden with the northernmost view on the far left and the eastern view on the right. My intent here was take in a panorama of sorts going between to cardinal points. Maybe I’ll make a better support rig for the cameras in this configuration. A bent piece of sheet metal might do the trick?

A curved array going from North on the left to East on the right.
And the grayscale version.

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