April 18, Five Frames of Reno Fever Dream

I went for a bike ride, mostly out 4th Street and back which is the old Lincoln Highway. I brought my Canon IVSb2 with the 27mm Lumenbox lens on it.

I’ve been meaning to try Film Washi A for some time now as Washi S is one of my favorite films. Washi S is repurposed cine sound recording film rated at ISO 50 while Washi A is repurposed cine leader film rated at ISO 12. I hoped that the combination of low speed and high contrast would be synergistic with the luminance and distortion qualities of the 27mm Lumenbox lens.

Even with such low speed film as the Washi A, most of these photographs were shot at 1/500th, as this lens is a fixed 2.8 aperture. I might try an even lower speed film with this lens soon.

I may have gone a bit overboard by using Lightroom’s split selenium/sepia virtual toner on these, but I’m not very good at restraint sometimes.

I’ve had good luck developing Washi film in Cinestill Df96 monolith, so I stuck with it for this roll. Below are the results. Next to try doing some photographic prints of these in my home made enlarger, which I have yet to use.

I have to say the results exceeded my expectations. The Lumenbox lens gives a wonderfully eerie glow in any situation with adequate light and the Film Washi A seems to increase the crazy glow of this lens.


high 775
lee joseph
to preserve the future
crystal ice

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