April 18 Addendum, Definitely the Strangest Photo I’ve Ever Made.

This one is kind of hard to explain. Recently Maureen Bond posted a notice on her Flickr group In the Frame, reminding members of International Pinhole Day on April 24.

Having recently read a very interesting article about the Cámara Galletita on The Casual Photophile blog, I decided it was time for me to try my hand at making one. Since I already had a cardboard box camera that functioned as pinhole camera and a lumen camera, I thought it was the perfect candidate for conversion to a cámara galletita.

My lovely wife Rebecca took it upon herself to find the perfect crackers for my camera conversion. After a bit of pondering and checking out every cracker variety she could, she came home with some Wasa Sourdough crackers which are about 6 inches wide, almost the width of my cardboard camera.

The conversion went well. I installed the cracker on a floating front plate that could be easily removed and even made a funky shutter for it.

After looking through the cracker “lens” a bit, I realized it let in quite a bit of light and would probably require a pretty short exposure. Then I started to wonder, would it let in enough light to function as a lumen camera? I had to try it.

I soaked a piece of 5×7 Arista EDU grade 3 paper in hot water and loaded it into the Cámara Galletitinator G-2000 that I had just invented. My first try was a two hour exposure in bright daylight. I didn’t get good results, but there was something there. I thought a much longer exposure might do the trick.

I reloaded the camera and set it back outside again, just in time for the weather to turn. It became variably cloudy and windy enough that I was worried the camera might blow over. After about eight hours I retrieved it and I had something. It was one of the stranger things that I’ve ever seen, but it worked! Now I have something for International Pinhole Day (if they will accept the results of a camera so strange?), although hopefully there will be enough sunshine soon that I can do a new cámara galletita lumen print on the 24th.

Cámara Galletita Lumen Print 1

Below are a couple shots of the Cámara Galletitinator G-2000 itself. All four of my astute readers may recognize it from The World’s Ugliest Camera post on this blog. Unfortunately I may have managed to make it even uglier than before. At least it has a little color now.

Front view with the shutter closed.
With the shutter open showing the remarkable Wasa sourdough lens.
With the back off looking through the lens.

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