April 16, My First Attempts with the Lumenbox Stroll Cameras.

For some reason, I first thought the four little cameras were meant to be used as one unit in their housing box, so this how I used them the first time. Adhering to my current policy of doing everything wrong at least once, I forgot or dropped one of the pieces of photographic paper for one of the cameras. So what was intended to be a grouping of four pics is instead a group of three.

A group of three in lieu of four.

Next, after learning they were actually meant to be used independently, I attempted a “panorama”. The tiny Lumenboxes have magnetic backs, so I taped a metal ruler to a block of wood and spaced the little cameras fairly evenly along the ruler. I then set the whole affair in on a window ledge aimed at seemingly my favorite subject, my neighbor Shaun’s house. It was too windy at the time for me to risk the little cameras outside.

Almost a Panorama.

I have an absolutely “brilliant” idea for the next shot with the stroll cameras. I’ll post it to the blog whether it works or not.

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