April 15, The B Roll

Of photographs taken with my Reality So Subtle 6x6f on Holga 400, developed in ∆ Caffenol. I wasn’t going to publish these at all, as these are mostly fails in one way or another, but maybe they have some merit not readily apparent to me? Maybe?

In this photo I was trying to get a decent shot of the sculpture in the foreground. It’s a ceramic sculpture on a wooden pedestal. It was given to me by my Ceramics teacher Tom Rippon when I was an undergrad in college. Tom’s work was a huge influence on me and the reason I pursued Ceramics in college and Art school. Too bad you can barely discern anything about the sculpture from my photograph.

Tom’s Sculpture

The photo below is of my little modular synth with a really cool spalted maple case that my friend Matthew Goike made.


The next shot is of a guitar that my brother Don Rosenberg made for me. It’s constructed mostly of myrtle wood from the Pacific Northwest area he lives in. It’s name is Big Bug.

Big Bug

Below is a shot of our messy kitchen table with some Easter packages about to mailed off.

Easter Packages

And last is an absolutely brilliant shot of the space between our house and our neighbor Rick’s house. If we get lucky, this space will be filled with Hollyhocks again this year . The little shoot in the foreground is a runner from Rick’s plum trees which are about to conquer the universe.

Rick’s Side

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