April 13, Five Frames with my Reality So Subtle Pinhole Camera and Holga 400

I was about to say “something different again” but if posting pinhole photos here becomes a semi-regular thing, then I suppose it’s not something different.

For a while now, I’ve been having a tough time getting exposures that I liked with my Reality So Subtle 6x6f camera. This is in spite of using the excellent Pinhole Assist app. I have to assume that I’ve (as usual) been doing something somewhat stupid to achieve all the not so great exposures that I’ve taken lately.

I guess I just needed to prove to myself that I could take some decent exposures with the RSS pinhole. To be fair to myself, it’s possible that the film’s I’ve been using lately don’t have adequate exposure latitude for use with a pinhole. It seems like when I was using T-Max, my pinhole exposures were almost always spot on.

So here they are, a few frames shot with my RSS 6x6f on Holga (Fomapan) 400. Developed in ∆ Caffenol for 12 minutes.

Stove Top Damage

I’ve been trying to get a decent pic of this tea kettle for what seems like forever now. I’m actually pretty happy with this one. The film was damaged a little in processing. I think I spooled it on a bit sloppily. That Holga 400 is very, very thin and was really a bear to get onto the Paterson reel. Normally I don’t have any trouble spooling on 120 film.

Hawthorn Tree

I’ve also been trying to get a decent pic of the Hawthorn tree in our front garden for a while. This one is ok. I had a red 25a filter on for this shot.

Rick’s Meter

Stop the hating! I admit that I have a penchant for photographing the most mundane objects. This is my neighbor Rick’s gas meter, that I’ve been intending to photograph for a while now.

Shaun’s House Again…

No, I’m not addicted to photographing my neighbor’s house! This the 435th view of Shaun’s old 1930s faux adobe house.

Storm Maple

Our poor old silver maple has been so lonely since the City of Reno brutally sawed down its counterpart. Or at least I imagine it has. Maybe a nice Catalpa could keep it company? This shot also had a red 25a filter on.

2 responses to “April 13, Five Frames with my Reality So Subtle Pinhole Camera and Holga 400”

  1. These turned out well. I have yet to click well with my RSS – waiting on a roll now- will see


    1. Thanks Maureen! This is actually my second RSS. I had a 6×12, and while I enjoyed it, I was attracted to the wider angle of the 6×6. Also the 6×12 was a total pain to load. The 6×6 somewhat less so. Which RSS do you have?
      I have to say that I’m impressed with the design and build quality of them, but they’re the only manufactured pinhole cameras that I’ve used.


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