April 12, And the Rest of the Accidental Photon Sieve Photographs

These are some of the photos I took after photographing my 5×7 camera. These were also taken with the f/71 Skink photon sieve that I thought was the f/110 Skink pinhole mounted on my Canon IVSb2.

The film is Agfa Copex Rapid developed in caffenol.

Park Trees
Sun Tree

Truck Sideboards
Tunnel View
Truck Cab

Below is an illustration of a zone plate and a photon sieve. The photon sieve is on the right.

Zone Plate (left) and Photon Sieve

2 responses to “April 12, And the Rest of the Accidental Photon Sieve Photographs”

  1. Nice grain. I am going to have to find more out about a photon sieve. Interesting effect.


    1. Thanks! Photon sieves are somewhat similar to zone plates. Normally Agfa Copex is not grainy at all (it’s a microfilm), but I guess the combination of my overexposure and the photon sieve really brought the grain out. I don’t know how to post a pic to the comments so I’ll post a photon sieve pic to the blog.


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