April 11, The World’s Ugliest Camera?

I seem to have the uncanny ability to do almost everything at least slightly wrong these days. I had intended to photograph my home made 5×7 lumen camera (thanks to Jorge Otero for the lens!) with my Skink f/110 pinhole on the Canon rangefinder, as it’s pretty good for closeups, this and the fact that I don’t have a working SLR at the moment helped to make the pinhole what I thought was a good choice.

Without remembering it, I had at some point swapped the interchangeable pinhole in the Skink pancake for a photon sieve. When I developed the roll it came out much grainier and blurrier than I had expected.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you view it, the lower resolution of the photon sieve obscures much of the shoddiness of my home made camera’s construction.

So here are some portraits of my very funky 5×7 lumen camera, maybe looking a little more handsome than it does in real life (whatever real life is).

The camera itself is made from an old film box and some matte board, lined with stick on black velvet. The shutter is a strip of brass sheet metal and the pressure plate is aluminum flashing. The lens is 50mm plastic meniscus lens behind a brass aperture of about 4.

Agfa Copex Rapid, unintentionally overexposed for an f/110 aperture when the photon sieve aperture is f/71. Shot with Skink photon sieve on my Canon IVSb2. Developed in Caffenol for 14 minutes.

A handsome 3/4 view with the shutter closed.
With the shutter open.
With the back of the camera off, looking through the lens.
The back by itself, showing the pressure plate which flattens when the camera is assembled.

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