April 2, Silver Maple

I really can’t believe this one worked! I took my already really crude and ugly 5×7 pinhole camera, and using a 50mm meniscus lens that Jorge sent me, converted it into an even uglier lumen camera. It didn’t quite cover the 5×7 paper, but close enough! Next to try some direct positive paper.

Silver Maple 5×7

2 responses to “April 2, Silver Maple”

  1. This turned out quite clear. How long you expose for?


    1. Hi Maureen, I hadn’t really noticed that It was a bit sharper than many of the photos taken with the smaller Lumenbox. Because I was using a different paper than Jorge supplied with the Lumenbox, I did about a twelve minute exposure. Your questions make me wonder about all the factors that dictate sharpness and color in these images. It seems that centrality of the subject in the view is a major factor, but apparently there’s a lot more than that going on. The paper was Arista EDU Ultra, Grade 3.


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