March 30, Something Different; Portraits of My Lumenbox

Rebecca (my wife) suggested that since this blog is devoted to Lumenbox prints, that I should present some pics of my Lumenbox. Below are some photos of my customized Lumenbox. The camera is very nicely crafted of cardboard, and as you can see in the illustrations below, comes apart into two halves. A dampened piece of photographic paper is inserted into the back half (there’s a plastic barrier piece, not shown to keep the cardboard from getting wet) and the camera is then reassembled and is ready to shoot. The lens is a single element plastic meniscus lens. The brass shutter is not stock, I made that myself.

back half

front, shutter open
front again, shutter closed
apart, showing inscription
both halves

2 responses to “March 30, Something Different; Portraits of My Lumenbox”

  1. How long are your exposures generally? Why do you get your paper wet? Versus not?


    1. Hi Maureen! Great question. I will attempt to answer to the best of my understanding, but I’m definitely not an expert on this. I think a lumen print is somewhat like a chromoskedasic sabattier print where small amounts of silver migration off the paper to form the colors on the black and white paper. I assume that the water facilitates that silver migration.

      My exposure times have varied wildly. Jorge has changed papers and they’re about half of what they used to be, so: 5 minutes for a sunny day exposure, 15 minutes for a cloudy day exposure and well over an hour for an indoor exposure (which is the most difficult to gauge).

      I’m almost out of the paper that Jorge includes with the Lumenbox. I’m going to try direct positive paper next, which I expect will have longer exposure times. I think it might work, that seems to be my motto these days!

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