March 29, Catalpa Tree

The neighbor’s Catalpa trees are amazing. When Baron planted them a few years ago they were spindly twigs less than two inches in diameter that had to be held up with stakes. In seemingly no time at all they gained the girth they have now. I love how the branches seems to spring from a tall stump. Soon they’ll be incredibly dense with foliage that weighs the bows down until they touch the ground.

2 responses to “March 29, Catalpa Tree”

  1. I love catalpa trees! I once lived on a property with one that was at least 150 years old. It was enormous!

    150-year-old catalpa tree

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    1. Hi Jim, thanks for the comment! Wow, that’s a gigantic Catalpa! I’m amazed how fast they grow here in Reno where the climate is somewhat coolish most of the year. I didn’t realize they could live that long, that’s very cool.


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