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Update: If you’d like more info on what the Cámara Galletita Lumen photos are all about. 35mmc just published a fairly comprehensive article that I wrote for them. You can find it here.

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Sept. 29, 6 More Frames of Adox

CMS 20 II developed in Adotech at ISO 12. These are from the same roll as my recent walk across Midtown Reno, but at the time it didn’t seem like these really fit in with the rest of the shots. I don’t think they’re awful or anything, maybe just less cohesive than the rest of […]

Sept. 28, Paper Blinds

Just a Lumenbox shot of the paper blinds over a music room window. I’m not sure how long of an exposure this one is although I think it might be seven hours. I feel like this shot is a little fake as I really had to tweak the color curves to get any color to […]

Sept. 26, A Few Depleted Leftovers:

This was from a recent roll of Rollei Retro 80s developed in Artemisianol. The batch of Artemisianol I was using was mostly depleted (this was the fifth roll I’d developed with it), hence the excess graininess. My thought was that it didn’t fit in with the other shots I was posting at the time, but […]

Sept. 25, Sunrise Glass

This was an 11 hour Cámara Galletita Lumen exposure. I am liking the shots like this where the subject, the glass still life in this case is somewhat discernible. If you look closely you can discern the outlines of the bottles, or at least the closest bottle repeated ad infinitum.

Sept. 24, Not a Still Life (Per Se)

At first I was really disappointed with this one, but it’s beginning to grow on me. Just goes to show that maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty to harshly judge my own work. I set up the Cámara Galletita Lumen looking out the bathroom window, it was a very dull and cloudy day though, so […]

Sept. 23, A Walk Across MidTown Reno with Adox CMS 20 II

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photographs with Adox CMS, to be honest I’d forgotten what a beautiful film stock it is. The crispness and clarity of negatives shot with CMS easily rival those of my favorite film, Washi S. I don’t think I’ve shot CMS at ISO 12 before, and considering the […]