Welcome to the Daily Lumenbox!

Update: If you’d like more info on what the Cámara Galletita Lumen photos are all about. 35mmc just published a fairly comprehensive article that I wrote for them. You can find it here.

Cámara Galletita Lumen Print


Dec. 10, 80+56, Two Views of the Back Porch

Just a pair of very long exposure indoor looking out Lumenbox photos. One obviously got a lot more direct sun than the other. I much prefer the 80 hour exposure with the sun trails I find it interesting that when you go beyond a certain point in the exposure, the color shifts become much more […]

Dec. 9, Blurry

I was finishing up a roll of Adox CMS 20 II that I was shooting at ISO 12 when I decided to finish the roll with indoor shots. As you can imagine this resulted in some quite long exposures that required a tripod and cable release, which was all fine and good until I decided […]

Dec. 8, New, New, New! All Singing! All Dancing!

Ok, maybe that was a bit hyperbolic but the other day really was a convergence of new to me photography related gear arriving. On this particular day the following items arrived: A few rolls of Adox CHS 100 II: A film I’d recently read about in one of Alex Luyckx’s excellent and thorough film reviews. […]

Dec. 6, My First Shot with the Lumenbox Twin!

I really didn’t think this was going to work. Today was a cloudy, sometimes rainy day, yet I insisted on taking an outdoor photo as my first Twin shot. Between the lack of available sunlight and the intermittent rain, I didn’t think this shot had much of a chance.


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